Cartier at Denver Art Museum

IMG_2942.JPG1955 diamond and turquoise cabochons bib necklace

FullSizeRender-1Film actress Maria Felix photographed by Lord Anthony Snowden, 1980, wearing her crocodile necklace commissioned by Cartier in 1975

IMG_2937.JPG1932 diamond and 142.23-carat emerald necklace sold to Lady Granard, the daughter of American financier and philanthropist Ogden Mills

IMG_2953.JPGSketch of a flamingo brooch with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies sold to the Duke of Windsor 1940

bird1948 diamond and emerald Bird Brooch measuring 8 inches long

Matisse “Open Windows”




Henri Matisse was a part of a creative community that sought to redefine painting, favoring an expressive style that emphasized loose brushwork and bold colors as displayed in this oil on canvas masterpiece called Open Window, Collioure, 1905 (Matisse and Friends exhibit, Denver Art Museum). #SitWithMatisse